The Gorgeous Eleanor P @MollyMalone’s

I think I told this anecdote several times during the evening but when I was in my teens I went to the Troubadour on a whim to see some friend of a friend’s band. It turned out to be scarily amazing, the girl had one of the most powerful voices I’d ever heard, sung about themes such as bleeding hearts and kissing and punching and had long red hair (which I was sporting and fascinated by at the time). I bumped into her in the bathroom and congratulated her on all the aspects of the awesome performance I witnessed and 5 years later she was Florence of Florence and the Machine.

I had a moment like this with Eleanor P.

A family friend’s introduced me to Nell. A  slightly shy, incredible chick of a similar age who is attempting to break the music biz. I went to her gig out of curiousity and to show support and was completely rewarded. In one of the most gorgeous dresses I’ve ever seen she performed a powerful set. Her sound was completely raw and beautiful, one felt every emotion acutely.No mean feat for her first gig.Between songs her hair would tumble into her face, a reminder of the vulnerable girl who exists beneath the powerhouse. If you’re into PJ Harvey and Florence you’ll be into Eleanor P. She is going to be huge and feel incredibly honoured and privileged that I saw her first.

She played with Vanessa Freebairn-Smith, of Sonus Quartet fame and Justin Clayton (producer and co-writer of the demo) who as seasoned performers were equally brilliant.

Molly Malone’s is also a notable iconic venue. Think a Dublin pub miraculously transported to LA. It has been in films like Leaving Las Vegas and Patriot Games to name a few.It also has a history of promoting new musical talent. Guest artists who have appeared there include Joan Osborne and Lenny Kravitz.

Anyway check Eleanor P out yeah:

and Vanessa

and Justin

and Molly Malones

You will NOT be dissapointed.