Work Meals Take 2

With a slightly new internship situation and a growing tired of my usually


The Farm of Beverly Hills

Slightly overwhelmed by the amount of businessmen in suits around the town, I was happy to stumble upon this place. I had scrambled eggs with goats cheese, spinach, mushrooms and hash browns that were to die for with an early grey tea of course.

Here’s their about:

Since 1997, The Farm of Beverly Hills has been serving up Innovative American Cuisine for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. The menu showcases a sophisticated mastery of simple Farm Fresh ingredients carefully chosen for quality.  At The Farm’s three locations in Beverly Hills, The Grove and L.A. LIVE; the food is like Mom would make, only better.



I love this place! Apart from being insanely cute, I spotted a celebrity I actually like the gorgeous Kat Dennings.

So far I’ve sampled a selection of their different lemonades including ginger blood orange, mini cupcakes (mocha and german chocolate mmm) as well as meat, fish and salad of which they have a crazy good range. This place is amazing!

Mendocino Farms

Here’s there about:

Mendocino Farms promotes eating seasonally and locally by sharing with our guests how easy it is to incorporate local produce in their sandwiches, salads and soups and how to navigate the Farmer’s Market to purchase that product from their Local Farmers.

Our Approach is a little different than most of the other guys- we like to try to reconstruct “Fine Dining” entrees to the sandwich level and take classic regional sandwiches and give them a modern interpretation.

Mendocino Farms pays tribute to the county in Northern California that is known for its support of the Slow Food Movement and Sustainable Farming. This area is famous for its unpretentious “down home” love for artisan food and drink. It is our inspiration!

Mendocino Farms is all about the Sandwich. We have great prepared salads, sides and soups all inspired from our local Farmer’s Market, but at the end of the day- We want to be the true Sandwich Aficionados place to enjoy their passion. Thank you for taking the time to read about us- we appreciate the love. Now will you please come in and buy a sandwich?

So far I have sampled the pulled pork sandwich (kinda messy and I couldn’t finish it), the pork belly sandwich (amazing), a watermelon lemonade (too sweet) and a blackberry and passion fruit ice tea (kind of sour but delicious). It also has gluten free options although I’ve been cheating and eating gluten. Incredibly delicious and a chain so in multiple branches around town, you should definitely check it out!

I’ve also been trying some really great novelty crisps from them, the hot chick spicy Mama Zuma’s Revenge crisps and Route 111 pickle and chive crisps are to die for although the spicy ones may make you cry.