Fast Times @SunsetRanch

My housemate and I have been trying to hike the Hollywood sign for a number of weeks. We finally psyched ourselves up to do it only to be distracted by the beautiful steeds at the Sunset Ranch on the way to the trail. We asked how much it was ($40 for an hr with tip) and decided to go for it. My housemate was also asking about volunteer status which they welcome as long as you’re over 21.

We voiced our proficiency in riding (I hadn’t been since I was 12) and were  assigned our horses. I got Alice the most woe begone of the group. I was told she liked to wander and her word was ‘focus.’ Sure enough as soon as I mounted Alice led me away to drink some water. We bonded during the course of the ride though, as my guide said: “she’s quirky”. The hike was quite slow, it went up past the Hollywood sign through a trail populated with hikers and dog walkers.

Our guide was very upbeat, telling us about aspects of Griffith Park, the perils of film crews not telling them they’re filming on the trail early mornings and spooking the horses and how friendly Victoria Beckham and her son had been. The trail itself was a little dull but it was fun being on a  horse again,my body ached afterwards.

There are also two very attractive new stable hands, so for eye candy alone it’s worth the expedition.