The Weekend’s Bars and Restaurants


Saturday was a bit of a chore for me, it became how many things can you fit into your day without getting burnt and passing out. Got up did the horse ride, got the worst bangs trim in existence, bought Bastille day cakes (that got crushed on the bus) for my surrogate godmother’s Bastille day BBQ, got my camera repaired and photo’s developed at Sammy’s, went and indulged at BBQ making friends with the owner of Matcha Tea before finally heading to the undergorund venue Pehr and seeing my friend’s boyfriend’s band. They were  good (he played the violin) as was the quirky venue (no booze allowed but free water and smoke machine). However I was tired out and all I really remember is us having fun with the tiger photo booth app (lisa frank/lion camera) on her phone.

The evening was the ‘LA Underground Anniversary Show’ and their first set of the summer but their name escapes me. Their predecessor’s brand of loud trance and lights and name remains seared on my brain though: Snorlax.


I was having a stressful day post flea on sunday for reasons I don’t want to go into. My housemate had had a similarly stressful morning when a friend cancelled brunch due to a misunderstanding. We decided to console ourselves with food (of course). She took me to Home. It was a beautifully sunny day  so we decided we would wait for a table outside that we were told would be 5 mins. Cut to 20 mins later (the servers commonly lie about time) we were seated. I had a mimosa (there was a deal for limitless for the price of two but I didn’t want to spent my avo snoozing) and we shared poached eggs on crab cakes, homefries, gluten free pancakes and maple syrup. PURE BLISS. Nearly made us ‘forget our worries and our strife (sung to the jungle book’s ‘Bare Necessities’).

Laurel Hardware

Great new bare opened in WeHo by some charming Irish fellows my friend knows. I came and sampled their gorgeous cocktails (including one with fig and one with rose respectively) outside on their pebbled patio. Very pleasant. Meanwhile inside was becoming more and more crowded for dinner and drinks, full of bright young things. There were a few celebs in attendance including Mandy Moore.