Camera Repairs and Film Developing

In every city I traverse I try to source where the best place to develop film and mend camera’s is.

The amusing disposable Urban Outfitters novelty camera’s pictures were developed at Samy’s Camera for $15. A man here also fixed my Olympus (with an insider trick) and cleaned the lens free of charge (it had freaked out as I had tried to use the 1600 low light film in full sun!). This brilliant man also told me a great place for good quality film developing is Icon on Wilshire.

When my olympus was in peril I was also directed to: Bel Air Camera,  and Freestyle Photography.

I believe CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens (Sunset/Western) does a cheap film developing service too.

Manual camera repair stores and shops that develop film are dying out here despite it being the city of the image. Good luck in your photographic adventures!