Sport: Bodybuilders Gym and the Betty B Dearing Hike


So I’ve been a little bit lax with my exercising the last couple of weeks, what a terrible LA gurrrrrrl I am.

But I finally went to the gym near my house. With old excercise machines, few tv screens the best art of thie gym is that’s it’s CHEAP for the month.

I got highly bored working out though. What amused me was watching all the flirting going on. It is notoriously a gay guy gym so it was nice watching all the pretties and not being hit on.

Betty B Dearing Hike in Will Acre Park

One of the shorter hikes I’ve been on but still rewarding. Steep for a while but then downhill and you also go past the Tree People Community Centre, known lots of activities including teaching kids about conservation.

The real reward of this day was the brunch and ice cream after the work out. Me and ma gurrrrrl aspiring actress and photographer (Gracie Aurora) hit up Aroma and the Gelato Bar in the Studio City and indulged in eggs, potatoes, tea and ice cream. Later in the day we stumbled on a weird yard sale where everything is free (see fluffy cardi) went to an odd arts night in Pasadena in someones back yard where I encountered some creepy guy who plays in a hard core band and carries a knife to stab people who bother him at gigs. Very disturbing… #OnlyInAmerica