Downtown Speakeasy’s

We started our night with one of my housemates amazing mixology creations before heading downtown.

The Varnish

Both a restaurant and a bar the Varnish looks awesome. A return to old Hollywood decadence I felt like I was in a Madmen times.

However when we arrived at the actual speakeasy part of the bar we were told there was a 20-30 minute waitlist. Being under somewhat of a time limit we hung out at the overcrowded front boar getting fab drinks (I got the 30s special of the night) but having to put up with a trashy crowd. We did get photographed for the as examples of a return to old hollywood glamour for the website though. Score

The Edison

Once downtown LA’s first private power plant this impressive space  has been redesigned by Andrew Meteran to combine elements of the industrial gothic and art nouveau. The night we went (saturday) we had to pay a $10 cover as there had been a burlesque show. We were dressed accordingly but due to the dress code men were dressed in a variety of suits while women were in trashy tight garb.  We traipsed around watching the george meliere’s films project onto the wall (<3), drinking absinthe from tiny bottles served by fairies in carts and making friends with bartenders and bouncers (the bouncer loved my voice so much he promised to let us skip the queue next time we entered). Perhaps next time I’ll dress less vampish but still a fun eve.