I Consume: Food of the Week

I think this has been one of my most snack happy weeks.

First up we have a danger dog consumed with my friend and magician Magic Mike outside Thirsty Crow. This consists of a weiner, wrapped in bacon, with jalapenos and onion. I wasn’t even hungry but this was crazy good.

Next up I finally made it over the Silverlake farmer’s market and stocked up on provisions for my day of thesis writing. These included a Korean vegetable broth, my first chicken papusa, blackberries and a carrot and coriander soup. The farmer’s market is small but well stocked which means it won’t overwhelm you like the Hollywood Farmer’s Market may, on a saturday morgen.

Sunday I hiked Bronson canyon which of course meant me and my friend were entitled to brunch from Casbah Cafe. I have walked past this blue haven every day after my bus and finally went. Inside it’s like I was in Paris meets Morocco. I went a little overboard on my ordering getting two poached eggs on salad,a  savoury scone, some tiny cake thing, a chicken empanada and a vanilla tea. MY friends egg dish served with a baguette in a  silver plate looked better but what can I say, I always want what I can’t have. With a score of vintage tunes I was at peace.


Finally, waiting in line for a free comedy show an hr in advance that you narrowly miss getting into is highly dull. What do you do to pass the time but by many snacks. I got a duck confit pizza, jack daniel cupcake and smore cupcake from the Oaks Gourmet, my new favourite store (theya have deals every night, on Sundays the deal’s on pizza). I am very full now. A lot of gluten for the gluten free girl. Ahhhhhhh. Stomach ache.