I consume: Food of the Week

L & E Oyster Bar

Here’s their about:

Welcome to L&E Oyster Bar.We are located in the heart of Silver Lake, just three blocks south of The Reservoir. Our approach is simple. We believe in this neighborhood. We believe that uncomplicated is better. We believe in delivering the best product we can find. Most importantly, we want to share our passion for food, wine and service with you.

i LOVE A GOOD OYSTER! My partner in crime (and award wining- he just won best Sci Fi short at the Pasadena Short film fest) Ted and I indulged in oysters and prosecco at the gogeous intimate L & E. We had the daily dozen, some Rockerfeller’s and the squid ink pasta, leaving were stuffed and happy.



This place was owned and operated by the late great Jazz hall of famer Shelley Manne and was originally a landmark Jazz nightclub. My friend and I stumbled in here after having cocktails at the American version of a British pub opposite and had bacon, eggs and a cupcake at 2am. Very decadent and open 24 hrs. Apparently it’s also a buzzing brunch spot at the weekends.