2011 New York Art Fairs

My friend from work said something in passing about the sheer crazy volume of art fairs this weekend. Apparently we @bransch used to be able to get in free to a bunch but not this year for some reason (typical). i’m not totally sure why this weekend (3-6 March) is the weekend nyc turns into a massive arts showcase (something I should look into…) but I went to 3 fairs: Pulse, Armoury and Scope- although I heard fountain, moving image and verge were also good.


Here is what the website says:

Through its annual editions in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles PULSE serves as the junction between central and satellite art fairs. Its exhibitors consist of a select group of leading and pioneering international galleries that present works by premier contemporary artists with those of emerging and undiscovered talents. A central component of the fair is its program of commissioned cultural projects that link its audience to all aspects of the visual and performing arts

A chance encounter going the wrong way down the st (to get my ‘fortune’ camera film developed) in Chelsea led me to going here. Out of the 3 I rank this second. I liked that there were craft and jewellery pieces on show as well and some of the art themes appealed to me. Flicking back through my snaps I realised I focused on anything with eyes, mutant aspects, tits, fairytale and birds in  my photo documentation. What does this say about me as a person I wonder?



The big beasty and most known. I would describe it as Frieze in an awesome hanger but without the posh nosh cafe. Price $30 unless you’re a student or borrowed your lovely artist family friend’s MET card so can get in free (note to self- try this with other galleries). Huge, overwhelming, less hipster filled and impressive.



The website with a pic of telescope has this to say:

Mission Statement

SCOPE is the largest and most global art fair in the world featuring emerging contemporary art with 7 markets worldwide. It is our goal and passion to present the most innovative galleries, artists and curators while networking them with our Patrons through a unique program of solo and thematic group shows presented alongside museum-quality exhibitions, collector tours, screenings, and special events.

Understanding the nuances of our Patrons and being an innovator in the emerging and contemporary art world allows SCOPE to mine the latest information ensuring our Patrons a view of the contemporary art world available nowhere else.

That should give you an idea of the wank therein. Populated by hipster staff who were napping in various places and a shocking $40 entry price without a special card/student card, i thought this art was pretty pretentiously awful. The only good thing i have to say is it was refreshing to see performance art at an event like this and i liked their trendy, dark but super overpriced cafe… Worth seeing but really not good. On a par with the poor quality art school grad show offerings. no, maybe slightly better…

also the address on the website was wrong. I went to w 34th st in the pouring rain to find a note on a non-descript door saying the show was actually opposite pier 40 on west st in the LES (between w houston and spring). Not amused scope, not amused at all!