Los Angeles

I’ve moved city again. Satisfying a several year long fascination and desire to be in the film industry I have landed in Los Angeles. It has been a busy week (mostly spent in the car and restaurants) trying to find dwelling before my internships begin but I have landed and here are some of the things I have done/learned:

1. The Sunset Marquis is a fun hotel to stay in. Less a place to see and be seen than the Chateau Marmont (where Jamie Hince or Mr Kate Moss ambled off to after we spotted him on our flight) this has a more chilled out vibe. The rooms are sort of like corporate boxes although this will be changing as it is gradually being refurbished (we were in the 70s wing). However for a pleasant atmosphere and star spotting it is not to be sneezed at. It has a recording studio below so we were mixing with the likes of: Akon (who has an amazing car with gills), Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys and Julian Lenon. The clientele has a distinctly British and European vibe, most of the people I heard nattering away were my fellow natives. Also spotted were Steven Merchant (who gave me quite a fright in the lift- SO tall), Kelly Osbourne (looking very elfin in real life) and Peter Crouch. For some added glamour my family friend spotted Mathew Mcconaughay and kids by the pool.

Here is how the hotel describes itself:

The Sunset Marquis has served as a haven for the famous, the infamous (and, occasionally, the indicted) since 1963. It has been ground zero for some truly scandalous gatherings; yet offers opportunities for relaxation to rival even the most decadent luxury hotels.

Located in ever-glamorous West Hollywood, the Sunset Marquis is an oasis in an increasingly raucous world, a serene retreat from the uproar of the nearby Sunset Strip, a sanctuary in which to hide from vengeful former spouses, and so very, very, very much more.

Come. Eat. Drink. Record a power ballad. Rest. And if, as you leave, you want help dodging the paparazzi, we have some time-tested diversionary tactics up our sleeves – all complimentary of course!

For me the real draw, apart from its voyeuristic perks was the restaurant. It is a vine covered paradise with a really delicious simple breakfast menu. You cross a bridge over friendly koi carp and tropical trees to reach it. My favourite dish was the breakfast menu, the dish of choice being the two eggs, grits, fruit and apple smoked bacon option. We tried the dinner our first night too (cooked up by Chef Guillame Burlion) but that was, although yummy, highly over priced californian cuisine with a twist + scarily large portions for someone just landed from England. The snail avocado risotto was interesting though… To follow I had some kind of scallop risotto in sea shells which a duly kept and plan to use as soap dishes. There is also scarily diverse buffet brunch with complimentary champagne for about £25 on a sunday. Food includes salad, pancakes, cakes, sushi, nachos and guacamole, sausages… everything really.

Although the hotel has no gym it does have a free pass to the neighbouring trendy Equinox Gym. Slightly showy and known for a celeb hotspot (although I only saw Dennis Quaid) it is not for the faint hearted. Literally everyone is beautiful, muscle bound or stick thin (for girls). I spent a large portion of my time gazing at these god like creatures which was more than a little creepy.

While it doesn’t have a gym, it does have a little spa. I tried the Guinot, hydradermie facial and felt the electricity pulse was at an unusually high voltage on my sensitive skin… if you don’t know what that means I suggest you leave it be.

Finally- the hotel has 3 bars and on friday night a trendy free music night. I peeped at it half an hour before its end and it was filled with bright young things lounging by the pool. For $10 entry it may be worth a re-visit but I was more concerned with going to get my complimentary cocktail from the bar.

(Source: sunsetmarquis.com)